Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Pen and heart

My pen
Inside the drawer of my heart
Must have been years since I last wrote
Or scribbled in the field of feels
I hate it when it grows strong
They call it gay, I agree myself
But, hey
I try to cry out loud, to no avail
Let the ink replace, the missing tears
Be the paper, as my pillow
And the evening
Disperse away with dust
To be awaken for another day

Written in Miri,
1123am, 14/2/2017

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Letter to Aziee

Knock knock knock
Hold the door don't close it yet
Together with our sincerest apologies
We bake it into a small giftie
In hope you will never be upset again
For the silly insensitive jokes we have done
Before our friendship dies of a broken heart
We would like to say we are sorry


Wednesday, January 28, 2015


That was the word
It was the first, and only
You hear it pausing
Or twenty straight of them, ringing
In that already sleepy night

I remember I wasn't good
As I did clenched my left fist
On the other, with a bathroom soap
I began to lose count, as my tummy shrank
As if that wasn't bad enough
The wronged bone in my foot
Began to ache
And I'm In vain

Written, inspired
True toilet experience

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bad dream

If you cry over a bad dream
Open the window
And sigh along the passing shooting star

Let it loud and long
Until you feel comfy and sleepy again
And not forget your way back
To the blanket fort

And yes, to the dreamy world
And be what it is to be
Once more

Lab E
Batu Rakit

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lost and Locked

I remember when you walked through that door
The white chair that you sat in
The tremors when I met you
In that white palace

She glows, among the morning sunflowers
She fits perfectly,
As if the golden horses were there for their princess
As her humble and playful laughter
Melts the evening

Leaving some and few,
Wandering emotions,
Lost and locked


Wholeheartedly written
That day I realized it is her I am looking for
2156, Room 3097

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sonnet 31

I see,
A torn wound
In already straining heart

In grief,
My mouth and lips
Tightly locked up

is the only word spoken
as it goes, days and months
for the diminishing courage

Too much things I want to say
Would rather had hugged you,
From saying goodbye


Selamat Hari Kebangsaan

Scribbled 0017
Marine Apartment Miri

Sunday, June 1, 2014


As the clock strikes quarter to four
I shed my scribbles
And snub my shoes over sneakers
I blow farewell kisses to my mates
And look behind no more
I make my way to her empty desk
Dumbfounded, I leave with heavy heart

Never mind that,
I am running pretty late
For fun with folks, of Sri Rampai
Rekindles bit of bit, the happy good old days
The excitement is eccentric
I nearly crapped my pants

Ahh, the homecoming
Heartbeat comes crushing strong
Much like in queue for BOSET test
Peeping at my new timepiece
Mom and dad, it has been a while
Grandma and granddad, it has been a while
And of all, taugeh ayam
Surely, it has been awhile

Ipoh, after away for 60 days

Written 1/6/2014

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

20 dreary ones

You ask me
"How are you feeling today?"
And I just laughed

How should I begin?
Oh, probably a line of sigh
Or, probably just 20 dreary ones

Much like spectating sunset on a rainy evening
Or having freeze out ice Slurpee
On a snowy Wednesday
Or throw me a royalicious meal
For that it tastes plain
Even if it tags along with vintage wine
I bet it is infested with worms
Wait, it does sound a bit disgusting now
Nevertheless, I should bounce out
From my couch now
I'm tired calming myself
With the same old songs
Putting my head out from the window
I count in my heart quietly
The days of me without you
Equaling almost
The days of me losing sleep
Even a herd of hopping baby sheeps
Can't put off the heart pounding feel
Of me missing you

Marine Apartment

Sunday, May 11, 2014

With the very thought of you

My one foolish heart
It dances in the dark
Or quite a stairway to the stars
In the bewitching hours

If I had you
Would have cocktails for two
Within whispering leaves
In busy street of Manhattan

Overlooking portrait of Jennie
Beneath the yellow moon
Strumming away the September song
Come away with me
With the very thought of you

Scribbled in 1012pm
Marine Apartment

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sonnet No.17

Your eyebrow bowed 
So I laughed
Your eyes are red
So my sky turns grey

Even the heaven lost its mind
Actually said
You're happy, so I'm happy too

Rain falls, roses bloom
What else do I want?
Want it badly but unattainable

Your hair is wet
So I'm feverish
You feel tired
So I sleep

Borrowed, edited and published
1000 SKO Miri